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Tare credits Tendulkar for his growth as cricketer

Mumbai Indians wicketkeeper-batsman is keen to perform in CLT20 2014

"The road to success is always under construction," goes the old adage. Aditya Tare is one cricketer who seems to have internalised the saying.

The youngster who was the highest scorer for Mumbai in Ranji Trophy 2013-14 season with 589 runs and played a full IPL season for the Mumbai Indians has had one of his best seasons so far. But while reflecting on it, Tare is aware and disappointed that although he top-scored for his state side they couldn’t make it beyond the quarters and so it’s not a job done. And although it was the first time he played all the games for his side in the IPL they couldn’t defend the title.

While speaking about the journey so far, Tare spoke about absorbing what he can from the star-studded dressing room as he looked forward to improve his game. While acknowledging the fact that it is a continuous process he thanked the team for their faith in him. He also talked about befitting from discussions on strategy with Sachin Tendulkar and batting with Michael Hussey.

Excerpts from his interview with CLT20.com

The 2013-14 season was decent for you across all formats. How do you sum it up?

To be honest I don’t think it was that great a season it was an average one for me. For the standards that I have set for myself I believe I didn’t had a great year. There were a lot of things to learn. In the Ranji Trophy I was the highest run-scorer for Mumbai but still we lost in the quarterfinals. I didn’t score that many runs in the latter half. Then I couldn’t play the one-day matches due to a groin issue.

Heading into the IPL it was the first time that I played the entire IPL season and that was a different experience for me. It was something that I really loved doing. But, IPL too was in bits and pieces and not that great but nevertheless I was happy that I could contribute at some stage although not as good as I would have liked. But I enjoyed my season.

You were one of the players to be bought back by MI. How much did that boost your confidence?

For the past five seasons I have been with the Mumbai Indians and I love the team. They have always done great things for me. They have been terrific. I felt very happy when I was bought back by the Mumbai Indians. It meant a lot to me that they trusted me with my abilities and that is something as a player that you want your team to do.

Michael Hussey was one of the new inclusions into MI. What was the interaction with him like?

He is one of the legends of the game and also a terrific person so when I opened with him I really enjoyed his company. He always backed me and has given me positive feedback.

Can you share some of the learning that have helped you?

There have been a lot of things. My interaction with Sachin (Tendulkar) sir when he spoke about batting is something that has helped. On one of the occasions, before the match I spoke to him and we discussed the opposition bowlers and how they will bowl and what my plan should be. I had a great chat with him before the game (which helped). He has been exceptional for the Mumbai Indians since he joined. He is a terrific person to have around.

What are you looking forward to in the coming season of the tournament?

The CLT20 is the first tournament of the season. It is important to have a good start. We had a good offseason so we will be prepared. I haven’t played any games in the CLT20 so I am looking forward to it. Hopefully when I get my chance I can contribute.

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