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Reserve day set for CLT20 semi-finals

Centurion to host either or both the semis on Oct 27 if rain plays spoilsport

Media Release

With rain predicted for the next couple days in Durban and Centurion, the CLT20 Governing Council has confirmed that a reserve day has been set aside in the event of a washout of either of these matches.

Centurion will host either of the semi-finals on Saturday, 27 October, in the event that rain does has the final say.

If it’s one match that needs to be played, the match will start at 17h30. If it’s both matches that need to be replayed, the first match of the double-header will start at 13h30 and the second at 17h30.

In the above scenario, the Delhi Daredevils vs. Highveld Lions match will be played at 13h30 and the Sydney Sixers vs. Titans match will be played at 17h30.

“We looked at all options in ensuring that both these semi-finals are played, and we are satisfied that setting aside this Saturday as the reserve day is the best available option,” explained CLT20 Tournament Director, Naasei Appiah.

“Historically, this period has not been a rainy period in South Africa, so reserve days have not been scheduled, but we have been extremely unlucky in this regard.”

The CLT20 Governing Council has also confirmed that fans will be refunded in full if a match fails to get underway.

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