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CLT20 Staff in Johannesburg

We have no stars but lot of talent: Gillespie

Yorkshire coach feels CLT20 will give perfect exposure to his wards

Coach Jason Gillespie could well be the most recognizable face of their team. That’s how unfamiliar the Yorkshire squad for the 2012 CLT20 looks. But according to captain Andrew Gale that could turn out to be the biggest advantage for the England domestic T20 runners-up as they make their CLT20 debut during the Qualifiers.

What would also help the team, feels the captain, is the consistency and uniformity of the team, which some of the more fancied teams lack.

“We pride ourselves in being a good unit and the togetherness that we share as a team,” Gale said.

“In some teams, guys have been pulled from all over the world to make up an XI, which must be quite tough. We, on the other hand, have pretty much our domestic team that plays together for the whole season. We see that as a big plus in the tournament and it can work for us,” Gale said, during the team’s first media interaction ahead of the tournament.

Yorkshire is a young team mentored by a headstrong and big-hearted Australian fast bowler. For Gillespie the coach, the biggest area covered going into the tournament is the preparation.

“Our preparation has been great. We had three sessions at Headingly in late September and had a couple of training sessions yesterday at the Wanderers leading into the warm-up match today against the Sialkot Stallions. We played some very good cricket today and came on top,” he said.

“We’ve got clear game plans and the guys should all enjoy themselves. We’ve got absolutely nothing to lose from this tournament. No one is expecting a lot from Yorkshire. A lot of teams have got their stars but we are a very strong team and we believe that we can take anyone on,” Gillespie added, exuding quiet confidence and competitiveness at once.

The coach also spoke about the possible opening of new avenues for young Yorkshire players with an eye-catching performance at this level.

“You ask any Yorkshire player and you’ll know they all are looking forward to participating in a tournament like this. This is cricket at the international stage. The players haven’t had as much exposure as some of the other sides and people would be looking out for them, searching for new talents. We’re looking at this as an opportunity to play cricket against some of the best players these boys have never seen before,” Gillespie said.

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