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Swing and bounce are my strengths: Umesh Yadav

DD pacer is enjoying bowling in South African conditions

Umesh Yadav in South Africa is like a kid in a candy store. The young Indian fast bowler is delighted to be bowling in conditions that are a pacer’s paradise, especially if you are from the sub-continent. Keen to make the most of the opportunity presented by the CLT20 2012 while representing the Delhi Daredevils, he has been hitting the nets hard and under the guidance of Eric Simons and TA Sekar working on his bowling and action.

While speaking to clt20.com the young pacer shared his experiences and the minute things that go into the making of a good fast bowler. 

Excerpts from the interview with Yadav: 
You seemed to have enjoyed bowling in the first match 
I really like it here. Every bowler likes these type of wickets that have some bounce in them. I have really enjoyed myself. 

What are your strengths?

My strengths are my swing and bounce. I work on both. Bounce in a wicket is important for me, because if there is bounce and I hit the right areas and I can have the batsman in trouble. With a good-length ball I get the swing and the height the bowler wants, which makes it difficult for the batsman to play shots. So I like it if there is bounce in the wicket and if the ball swings, the batsman will struggle to play. 
How do you find the conditions here? 

It has been a good experience. I have played some good matches and series. And I have learnt from my experience in playing in Australia as well where there was bounce in the wickets and that is helping here too. The wickets here in South Africa are like that; they are green and have a bit of grass on them as well. So, there is a bit of help for the fast bowlers. 

It is a fast bowler’s dream to be able to play on wickets like these. I love to play on wickets like these. Since the CLT20 is happening in South Africa, I will definitely benefit from it. As a fast bowler I have got what I have wanted, so I will try and do my best. 

What are your weapons in these conditions?

I bowl back of length deliveries very well. When I bowl those, it is difficult for the batsman to play them. If there is bounce, it is difficult for the batsman to bat, because his only options are to play either on back foot or defend it or leave it. So, I try to bowl back of length or from three-quarters of a length from where the ball swings as well. 
I had earlier toured here with the Indian team and though I didn’t play matches here, I have practiced on all the wickets. So, I have a bit of an idea about the wickets and that will help as well as the tournament progresses. 

Has being in action during the past few months playing domestic cricket helped?

If you have been playing games, it definitely makes a difference. There is a difference between matches and practicing. Because when you are playing any level of competitive cricket, you can understand what you are doing or not doing better. 

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am just working on my basics. I am trying to improve my run-up, make it smoother and get my balance right. Sekar sir has been telling me that if I remain calm and relax, it will help. So, I am just trying to do that. It helps me bowl better and bowl consistently in my areas. 

Have you been doing anything specific during practice?

Before bowling Eric Simons always gives me target practice. He keeps a patch and I have to bowl on that. It is really helpful for me and sometimes just before the match, while working with Simons, I check my seam position and bowl at him. All this has benefited me and I have got my rhythm back. I have also been working on the position of holding my left hand and have improved. So, now I don’t have too much difficulty in hitting the right areas and I am happy. [The position and angle of the opposite hand i.e the non-bowling hand also has an impact on the bowling action and balance; he has been working on that with the help of TA Sekar]

What have you learnt from the seniors?

I have learnt a lot from Irfan [Pathan] bhai. I learnt a lot from watching him. I have learnt how to remain confident and calm. The batsmen here, the foreign players, are good on the back foot and cut the ball well, so you have to take precautions while bowling to them. If you miss the hitting the right length even marginally, you will definitely be hit for a six or a four. It is important to always remain focused on your areas and where you want to bowl.

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