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Prajakta Pawar in Durban

I try to be like Kallis: Mitchell Marsh

Scorchers all-rounder hopes to do well against his favourite player

A budding all-rounder, Mitchell Marsh has had plenty of role models around him while growing up. The son of the former Australian batsman and coach Geoff Marsh and brother of Shaun Marsh, he has spent a large part of his life on cricket fields. Although he enjoys his batting like his father and elder brother, the youngster tries to model himself on Jacques Kallis, one of the best all-rounders the game has produced. On October 17, the youngster will get an opportunity to play against his favourite all-rounder when the Perth Scorchers take on the Kolkata Knight Riders at the Sahara Stadium Kingsmead here. 

Speaking about it, Marsh told clt20.com, “It is a great experience for me. He is someone I have tried to be like my whole life. So, it is awesome to be able to watch him closely and be able to play against him now. It is going to be good fun.”

During the brief chat, Marsh, who will turn 21 on October 20, spoke about what he looks to emulate from his idol, and also described his role in the team.

Excerpts from the interview:

What is about Kallis and his role that the impresses you the most?

It is just the fact that he can contribute in the game whether it is with the bat or ball; at all times in the game, he can do a job for his team, so that’s what I like doing.

Have you been preparing to bat and bowl against Kallis?

Hopefully I can do well against him, maybe not treat him any differently than any other player. We will do our homework and hopefully we can get on top of it.

What is your role in the Scorchers team as an all-rounder?

At this stage more as a batting all-rounder, chipping in with the ball and hopefully not going for too many runs. And it is obviously important that I focus on both and do the job when I am required to.

How have you been preparing for these matches?

I think with the pace that I bowl at, it is important that I execute my yorkers pretty well. So, that’s what I focus on practicing. I will be bowling in the middle overs and I am trying to give my best.

Feels good to have a good half-century behind you?

It is good to get a few runs on the board early. But it is disappointing that we couldn’t win. So hopefully we can win the next game.

What do you enjoy more - batting or bowling?

Batting! In Twenty20 cricket definitely the batting.

Do you enjoy going for the big shots?

It is good to be able to do that and it is totally my job; so I still enjoy it.

Are the conditions in SA to your advantage?

Yes they are to our advantage. We come from the WACA so we are used to these types of conditions. Even though we didn’t get a win the other day, we can play to our strengths here in Durban.

You have already had setbacks due to injuries. How are you working on your fitness?

It is important to stay fit throughout the year. I am just learning how the body works. Being an all-rounder, having to do everything means I tick all the boxes during training and hopefully stay on the park.

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