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Bit disappointed about not qualifying: Chanderpaul

Uva Next batsman talks about his team’s exit from CLT20 Qualifiers

With their match against Trinidad & Tobago abandoned due to rain, Uva Next are on their way back to Sri Lanka without a win under their belt. However, the winners of Sri Lanka Premier League did well to reach the CLT20 Qualifiers in their inaugural season. Led by Thilina Kandamby, the side has a mix of senior international players and promising youngsters waiting to blossom.

While speaking to clt20.com after the match at the New Wanderers Stadium, veteran batsman Shivnarine Chanderpaul spoke about youngsters with potential to make it to the international scene and reflected on Uva Next’s run in the tournament.   

Excerpts from the brief interview:

How will you sum up the Uva Next’s campaign in CLT20 2012?

I am a bit disappointed, because when we lost the first game, we didn’t play as well as we are capable of playing. And today we didn’t get to finish the second part of the game; our batting. The rain came down and washed out the match.

To make it to the CLT20 in the very first season is an achievement in itself.

Yes it was. We played pretty well. We played well in Sri Lanka in all our games there and made it through the tournament. Whenever we needed something special, someone came out and did it for us. And we ended up winning the tournament and came out here. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to qualify for CLT20 2012.

You have played all round the world and in all formats of the game. What according to you is the key to batting in this format and in South African conditions?

In other games you still have a lot of time and balls, whereas in T20 you don’t think too much. You don’t try to do too much of rushing because you can score easily without rushing. Try not to panic whenever you are batting and as a batter play as long an innings as possible.

As a senior member what is your role in shaping the youngsters?

We just have to help each other. All of us can learn, and some of us have been there longer. And when you are out there, you try and talk to the players and try and get the message through to them. Hopefully, they take it on.

Tell us about the promising young players in the Uva Next team who have the potential to make it to their national team.

Dilshan Munaweera, our opening batsman, is a very good batter; and then we have a few more Sri Lankan players who are also in the team who are very good. There are some good young players in our team and also other guys just waiting to blossom, and hopefully in the near future they will.

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