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Prajakta Pawar in Mumbai

Brett Lee unleashed

KKR pacer reveals 20 secrets

He may not be a rockstar by profession, but Brett Lee definitely rocks on the cricket field. His never-say-die attitude has helped the speedster overcome injuries and continue rattling batsmen all over the world. The Australian pacer, who grew up idolising Allan Donald, even went on to receive the Allan Border Medal in 2008.    

In a brief chat, the Kolkata Knight Riders’ pacer spoke about his passion for music and his mantra for life. 

1. Nickname: Binga. There is a chain of electrical stores in Australia called Bingley, so I guess I was named after that. 
2. Idol:  Allan Donald, the South African cricketer. 
3. Life’s mantra: Always give your best; always give your hundred percent, and never give up
4. Favourite cuisine: Ham and pineapple pizza
5. Favourite beverage: Thanda paani (cold water). 
6. I can’t do without:  Aside from family, my guitar
7. Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption
8. Favourite band: Kings of Leon
9. Style statement: Never try too hard
10. Favourite TV series: Seinfeld
11. Best pal in cricket: Shane Watson
12. Best batsman I’ve ever bowled to: Jacques Kallis
13. Worst batsman I’ve ever bowled to: Glenn McGrath
14. Favourite delivery to get a wicket off:  Yorker
15. The best bowler in the world: Wasim Akram. He has not only taught me how to bowl different deliveries and how to be patient but just general cricket skills [also]. He has taught me the in-swinger with the new ball. 
16. The best batsman in the world: Sachin Tendulkar
17. Favourite stadium in the world: Sydney Cricket Ground
18. Most memorable wicket: My first wicket [Sadagoppan] Ramesh from India in 1999 in my first Test. 
19. If I weren’t a cricketer I’d be: A Rockstar
20. Batsman I don’t want to bowl to right now: Jacques Kallis.

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