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Shirin Sadikot in Cape Town

The Justin Bieber Chronicles

Lou Vincent has “hired” a motivational speaker cum entertainer for the Aces

Of late Justin Bieber has been asking his fans to “Believe”. And that seems to be the mantra of the Auckland Aces in CLT20 2012. After qualifying for the main tournament, the team from New Zealand is fighting hard with a belief that they can get to the knock-out stage. It is apt that the most charismatic character of the Aces has taken it up upon himself to combine the two forms of belief to create the winning combination for his team.

Lou Vincent has added a whole new dimension to the Aces’ CLT20 campaign this year by bringing the teen pop sensation himself into the team. No, Justin Bieber hasn’t started playing cricket for the Auckland Aces. Let’s put it this way, he’s been hired by the team as their motivational speaker cum entertainer. As Vincent put it, “We're trying to get teenage girls and their boyfriends and their parents to come to our games - if they do, we'll get 50,000 people.”

We aren’t sure if Bieber is bringing the crowd into the stadiums. But he surely is attracting lot of followers to Vincent's Twitter account (@louvincent78). A vulnerable Bieber often gets himself caught in embarrassing positions by the Aces opening batsman, who is always on a camera high alert to catch the young man unawares.

According to Vincent, Bieber is “giving a lot of motivational speeches to the Aces”. Whether the motivation is to perform on the field or to come up with hilarious photo ideas, wasn’t clarified by Lou. Something that he revealed though was how he came up with such an extraordinarily creative idea of carrying a Bieber doll with him throughout the tournament.

“I was out shopping with my daughters and I came across Justin Bieber. I’m having a lot of fun with him,” he said, adding he chose the American pop star because “He’s young and good looking like me.”

Vincent, who is known for his zest for life off the field, has been demonstrating his sense of humour and character through the Bieber doll. “Justin Bieber has got a pretty interesting mind. He just wants to be a part of everyone’s life,” he said. For a moment we wondered if Vincent is giving us a glimpse of his own personality here. And immediately we hoped that he wasn’t. “He’s someone who would jump off a plane. He wanted to jump off the plane with a parachute yesterday and he did it.”

Justin Bieber survived the jump. With the Points Table looking very tight at the moment, the Aces will need all the Bieber motivational speeches to survive until the final stages of the tournament.

After all, a bit of fun doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?

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